Ever Wonder What a Virus E-mail Looks Like?
The e-mail message shown in the image above (a screen capture from my e-mail client) shows what a typical virus-carrying e-mail message looks like. The virus is contained in the attachment, “TextDocument.zip,” and the creator of this virus hopes that I will click the “Open” button. Note the poor grammar (which you are not likely to find on Perryopolis.com) in this phony e-mail. Also amusing is the fact that the writer of this virus did not envision it being sent to the owner of the domain. As owner of Perryopolis.com, I control the e-mail addresses used by Perryopolis.com, and there is no such address as the “administration@...” address shown above! As for “The Perryopolis.com team,” that consists of me, myself, and I! One more funny thing: if you want to secure a file with a password, don’t send the password along with the file!
This is so weak it's pathetic, yet millions of people fall for these e-mails every year and double-click the virus attachment. Don't do it!
Who would send me such a thing, you ask? One of you sent it, that’s who! Not intentionally, of course; you’re all great people, and not one of you would intentionally send a virus to anyone, especially your favorite Webmaster!
So, how did you send this, if not intentionally? Simple. Your Microsoft Windows* computer is infected with a virus. A virus is nothing more than a computer program that installs itself on your computer without your knowledge or permission. Then it proceeds to do whatever damage it was intended to do to your computer. In addition, it does what viruses do: it reproduces. How does it do this? It reads the addresses in your address book and sends an e-mail like the one above (but with the recipients domain in it, rather than “perryopolis.com”), with this attachment (a copy of itself), to everyone in your address book. Congratulations. You are a virus spreader. *Microsoft Windows is also known as the “Typhoid Mary of Computing.”
“But I don’t want to be a virus spreader! What can I do!?” A Google search for “windows virus” returns nearly six million hits. You could read through all six-million pages to find out how to avoid viruses, but I’m going to let you in on a secret that almost none of those pages will tell you.
“The single most effective way to avoid viruses and spyware is to simply chuck Windows altogether and buy an Apple Macintosh.” — Walt Mossberg, writing in the Wall Street Journal.
It’s as simple as that. Really. I dumped the Microsoft operating system for Macintosh years ago, and I’ve never had a virus or spyware or a trojan horse or any other such malware. My Macs don’t crash. My Macs run 24/7 and are always there when I need them.

Walt Mossberg also wrote “There has never been a successful virus written for Mac OS X, and there is almost no spyware that targets the Mac. Plus, the Mac is invulnerable to viruses and spyware written for Windows. Not only is it more secure, but the Mac operating system is more capable, more modern and more attractive than Windows XP, and just as stable.” He made a slight error here. There is no spyware for the Mac.

Did you notice the part about the Mac being invulnerable to viruses and spyware written for Windows? I can do anything I want with the virus attachment depicted above; it can’t infect my Macs (six or seven of ’em; I’ve kind of lost count) and it can’t scan my address book and send itself to you.
“But I don’t know anything about Macs.” You mean you didn’t know anything about Macs. You do now. Here’s something else: the Mac is legendary for its power and ease of use. If it didn’t have these qualities the TV and movie industries, publishing, and sound recording, and about 50 million or more fussy people who won’t settle for second best wouldn’t make it their platform of choice.
“All right! Where do I get my Mac?” That’s easy. http://www.store.apple.com. If you are an educator, a student, or an employee of a government agency at any level, go to the bottom of the page and select a special store for yourself. If you are a veteran or an active-duty member of the Armed Forces, visit http://www.veteransadvantage.com. Members of Veterans Advantage receive substantial discounts on Apple Macintosh computers and on merchandise from many other retailers -- including a discount on Amtrak tickets. I buy my Macs through Apple’s Veterans Advantage store.
“Why is the Webmaster telling me this secret? How much does he make if I buy a Mac?” The Webmaster is telling you this because he is a Good Guy who likes to share good news. Your Webmaster has no financial interest whatsoever in Apple Computer, Inc., or in any other manufacturer or seller of computers, software, or peripherals.
Until your new Mac arrives, please remember that if you receive an e-mail message similar to this one, it did not come from Perryopolis.com, and you should not open the attachment!
Perryopolis.com? Made on a Mac (or seven), of course!
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
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