Perry Town Center—But When?

Photo Courtesy of Leonard Lynch
The Karolcik building was constructed in 1921, so the photo dates from sometime after that.
Chuck Lynch writes:

Leonard [Lynch] and I looked at the enlarged picture and this is what we think this picture is about. Date is still unknown. The event is a Firemens Street Fair.

The octagonal object on Independance street, near what is now the drug store, was the bingo stand. A few years back we built a new bingo stand and my oldest brother, Dwight, and John Uhall stated that bingo stand we were replacing was octagonal.

The other octagonal feature, near what is now the bank, was the food stand. The bank building was originally Kalman’s food store. Mr. Kalman provided the gas for the stoves and the soda pop was kept in
the store’s basement.

The stand in front of the former Palonder’s Hardware Store is the parade reviewing stand. This picture was made before the first addition was added to the Palonder building

In the bottom of the photo, above the electric substation, were the Perry Township sheds that housed the road equipment.

The long white building behind the current drug store was a bowling alley that later became a roller-skating rink and still later became a coat factory.

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