—who pays the bills?
(Kindly note that I do not update this web page frequently;
therefore my expenses are even greater than indicated.)

If you enjoy, you owe the merchants above a thank-you for helping to make the site possible.

Unfortunately, the cost of producing is more than these kind merchants’ ads can cover.
Your Webmaster’s investment in from its inception on April 1, 2000, to date is as follows:

- Computers (four in all are used to create and edit, peripherals, software, domain registration, legal services, web hosting, broadband Internet access, and administrative costs: over $20,000.00. I know that you can buy a nice computer at WalMart for under $500.00, but if you want to do professional work—especially graphics work—while avoiding viruses, worms, spyware, and the like, you need a top-grade professional computer, and that means a high-end Apple® Macintosh®. I use professional-grade Macintosh® computers with Intel® and dual G5® processors. One of my Mac workstations, with its 30-inch Cinema Display, five hard drives (more than two terabytes of storage and backup) and the software that I use to produce is valued at over $12,000.00. (Of course, I use this computer for tasks other than maintaining; I also edit photographs for my astronomy site and for my personal site and I run professional video editing software—I make DVD movies.

- Professional photography equipment: $3,000.00.

- Travel expenses to Perryopolis from my home in Maryland, including automobile expenses, hotels, and food: over $5,000.00.

- Time, materials, and travel expenses associated with my production of a multimedia show for the Xplorion in Pittsburgh: about $4,000.00. This multimedia show benefits the Perry Area Heritage Society and amounts to an in-kind donation of $4,000.00 to the PAHS. The PAHS has never in any way thanked me for this work; indeed, I am not certain that they are aware of it.

- Subtotal (rounding down): $31,000.00.

- Time spent designing and building the site, maintaining the site, editing photographs, and answering e-mails: $11,000.00 if I allowed myself the minimum wage of $5.15 per hour for both web-site design/ maintenance and the scanning and editing photographs in Adobe Photoshop; $128,000.00 if I allowed myself the standard rate of $45.00 per hour for web-site design/maintenance and $65.00 per hour for scanning and editing photographs in Adobe Photoshop. (Nowhere will one find web design/maintenance or Photoshop work at the minimum wage!)

- I can’t really allow myself anything at all for my time because the total revenue generated by since its inception is under $5,000.00. Here’s the math:
Conservative Figures
Gross Revenues:
Net Loss:
Realistic Figures
Gross Revenues:
Net Loss:
- Of course, it’s not really a loss, because money isn’t everything and the Webmaster never intended for to make a profit (though he had hoped it would pay for itself.) This is first and foremost a public service site. The kind remarks that I hear from folks like these and from your kind e-mails and entries in the Guestbook are the greatest reward that I could ask for.
Ah, but you would like to help, anyway! Thank you. Bluebell Internet Services, LLC, the company that I own, and that in turn owns, does not accept private donations for the production and maintenance of this site, but I would be grateful if you would tell the merchants with whom you do business how much you like, and that you would like to see them support the site with an inexpensive ad. If you wish, you may print this promotional PDF file and give it to your local merchant.
Thank you again for the rich reward that you have given me by your visits to
David E. Illig
Originator, Owner, and Webmaster,
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

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