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May 14, 2014

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Class of ’57 Reunion in June
Ron Enos writes “With the backdrop of the Perryopolis Bicentennial Celebration,
the Perry-Lower Tyrone Class of 1957 is having a reunion.

The celebration begins with a Pizza Party and get-together at the Sons of Italy June 27th., 2014. Time is 7:00 pm

The next day the class will head out to Cedar Creek Park for the Class Reunion at noon.

Micky Mucci and wife Nancy have been invited along with Miss Bendas.

We will have a memory time with Pam Newmeyer in which we remember our Teacher and her dad.

If you are a class member and wish to attend, Send, $ 25.00 per person to “Class of 57’, Mary Ann Erdely
153 Barney’s Road, Perryopolis, PA 15473.

Need more information? Contact Ron Enos at 877.443.1910 or e-mail:

Photo Courtesy Rosemary Shavel Knapp

Perryopolis Town Center—But When?
Photo Courtesy Leonard Lynch • Submitted by Ruth Shields
See the full-sized photo here. Update: Chuck and Leonard Lynch have provided information about this photograph. See the full-sized photo.
The Karolcik building was constructed in 1921, so the photo dates from sometime after that.

Church News

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New: A Link to a Web Page about the Layton Bridge—Thanks to Richard Clem.
The Redstone Parish of the United Methodist Church
Perry Township
Route 51 (Even highways have their own web sites!)
Father Bob Lubic, Pastor of St. John the Baptist R.C. Church, has a web site.
The Perryopolis First Christian Church
Mike Donaldson’s Mon Valley History and Genealogy Site.
The Perryopolis Police
The Smock Historical Society operates a very nice museum.

The Fayette County 4H Needs Volunteer Leaders
The 4H Needs Volunteer Leaders. Full-Size Flier Here

The Falbo Family’s 2006 Reunion
Class of ’50 Reunion Photo
Class of ’65 Birthday Party and Multi-Year Reunion Planned

Class of ’72 planning 40th Reunion. Please also visit

• The Dynamic PLTHS Class of ’57 held its 55th reunion on June 30, 2012. Photo here.

PLTHS Class of ’59 50th Reunion Photo Here

Class of ’65 60th Birthday Photos

Class of ’68 Held a 60th Birthday Party

Class of ’78 Reunion Photo Posted

Class of ’98 Reunion Photo Posted

Send Us Your Reunion Photos
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Serving in Uniform
This page honors both active-duty military personnel and those who have served in recent years. Please see the Veterans’ Page as well.

Genealogy Help Needed

Rich Giecek writes in the Perryopolis Yahoo Group (Join at “I am doing genealogy research on the Hanam family from Fayette County, PA and hope someone can help me.

I am specifically looking for a Perry High School Yearbook from the years dating
1923-1927. As I understand, John Henry Hanam was the Perry High School custodian from the
years 1923 until his death in 1927. There is a photo of John in one or all of those year books. I am looking for a copy of those photos or photo. f anyone can help me or point me in the right direction...”

Chuck Lynch, a member of the Perryopolis Yahoo Group, jumped in and provided a copy of a page from one of the year books. Rich welcomes other information as well, so if you can help , please visit the Yahoo group (and join if you're not a member!) or e-mail the webmaster.
Jim Hill also wrote in the Yahoo Group: "...looking for any info I could get on my father who was born and raised around Perryopolis. His name was John William Hill, he sometime went by the name of Bill Hill, I understand that his brother, Lee Hill, passed away some time ago and I have yet to be able to get in touch with any one of his kids. My name is James Hill and I am trying to find any old stories or old photos of my dad and his family.
Gloria Rowley writes from the State of Maine: “I have recently been interested in finding out more about my family, where they lived, etc. My dad's folks, Archie and Mary Burns Rowley raised seven children in Star Junction.  I don't even know if the house they lived in still exists. Archie was a coal miner, as most of his boys were. Several years ago I was corresponding with one of the McClellans, who lived next door to them back then, but we lost touch. She sent me a photocopy of a miners crew with my grandfather and one of my uncles in it and said she had copied it from one of the centennial publications. I would be interested in any history, or someone who knew any of them that may want to correspond.  Can you help me?” Please e-mail if you can help.
Karen Babyak was born and raised in Perryopolis and is a is a lifetime resident. She writes: “I graduated from Frazier H.S. in 2005 and I graduated from college with a degree in Archaeology in 2008. I not only love history but I love Perryopolis. I would like to collect the memories and history of Perryopolis and Star Junction into a (hopefully) comprehensive book. I was wondering if you would be able to post the following form onto the site. I am hoping to get some responses from people about their experiences with Perryopolis. By having these primary sources of information, I hope that I will be able to recreate for outsiders, what it means to be from Perryopolis and to inform them of the rich history in this small town. I would greatly appreciate your help. If you could maybe just have a link to this and a little blurb about my intent, I would greatly appreciate it.

Also, I noticed that many of the historical notes on the site were provided by the webmaster so...fill out a form! I would love to learn more about what you know.

(Webmaster's reply on what I know: not very much! I rely almost entirely on the knowledge and memories of others to fill in little details on this site. The people who have provided photos and information are too numerous to mention, but for historical information Robert C. Baughman of West Newton; Craig Martin; and Ruth Shields have been very helpful. In the case of historical and contemporary photographs the donors or photographers (if known) are identified with the photos.
Uhlar in Star Junction: Bill Gillis wries: “My Grandmother was born in Star Junction in 1906/1907. Her maiden name was Uhlar. I know her father was a coal miner. I am trying to find sources/links etc. to find out if the family shows up in any records – they eventually relocated to Florida in the teens or ‘20s. Is there a Star Junction Historical Society to check birth, school, or company (assuming Washington C&C) pay records? Would love to find something with their name on it. Thank you for your assistance.”
Please email Bill Gillis if you can help.

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Photo Courtesy Carpenter’s Battery

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wherever that person may reside. Use of the Perryopolis Yahoo Group is free, of course.

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