The 2003 Summer Reading Program*


The 2003 Summer Reading Program was a tremendous success. The theme, “Spend The Day At The Little House In The Big Woods,” was based on the novel of the same name, Little House in the Big Woods, by celebrated children’s author Laura Ingalls Wilder.The Little House series of books provides a realistic account of 19th-century pioneer life and allows children to capture glimpses into a child’s life in times gone by. The program ran four consecutive Saturdays. Two days were spent in the library and two days were spent at a small cabin located behind Sampey Park, our very own Little House In The Big Woods. Children were engaged in a number of activities that would have been commonplace to children living over a century ago. Traditional fiddle music was performed by Sara Zebley of Dawson. Participants dipped candles while learning the history of this craft and also the traditional dress of a pioneer woman from Ruthie Shields. They observed spinning demonstrations given by Robert Taylor of Star Junction. The milking of a goat, provided by Cecil and Barbara Feguson of Perryopolis, proved a novel chore and provided an opportunity for children to taste goat’s milk fresh from the goat. Girls and boys created whirligigs, which are old fashioned toys made of wood and string. The wooden parts were graciously made and donated by Mr. Don Dorazio’s high school wood shop class at Frazier. Children also learned the fine art of whistling on a blade of grass. This activity filled the big woods with much whistling and laughter. Each week the activities revolved around literary excerpts from the novel. Snacks provided were snacks children living a century ago would have enjoyed; fresh biscuits and homemade butter and jam, dried apples, johnny cakes, sugar cookies, and home-made ice cream.

The Community Library raised the funds for this program through a Joe Corbi Pizza Sale. We take this opportunity to thank all who supported our program through the purchase of a delicious pizza kit.

In addition to those mentioned above, many others deserve our thanks for their help and support. Eldo DiVirgilio, the Parks and Recreation Department, Dana Boyd, Adrienne Dzurko, Monica Progar, and our library staff were all instrumental in the success of this program.
Ruth Shields taught the art of candle dipping, and the children learned their lesson well.
* Visit the 2004 Reading Program Page. The 2004 theme was based on the novel Misty of Chincoteague by Marguerite Henry.
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