Photographs on this page Copyright © Ruth Shields and David E. Illig

July 3, 2001- The Borough did a wonderful job rebuilding the Diamond (the Perryopolis Town Circle). Word is that Borough Council President Charles Johnson himself designed the new circle. Now a civic-minded crusader is needed to lead an effort to persuade the utility companies to bury their wires. Ruth Shields kindly provided this photograph. Your Webmaster edited the original (below) in Adobe Photoshop® to remove the utility wires and other extraneous elements. Who will lead the crusade?

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Above left: The Diamond, before. Again, the wires have been removed. At right: a detail of the Kranik house, which is the gray house at the right of the photo of the Diamond

The Karolcik Building housed the Karolcik theater, Karolcik’s food store, and (in the Webmaster’s memory) Mrs. Hough’s novelty store on the main level. The basement housed Harry Bell’s barber shop, the pool hall, and the bowling alley. Right: Lamp in the foyer.

This building, constructed in the early 19th century, housed the Youghagany Bank, one of the first banks in the United States west of the Alleghenies. Today it may be the oldest such building still standing. In its long history it has also served as a Methodist church, a store, and a restaurant. In about 1938 Dr. William R. Vernon purchased the building and established his medical practice here. The building now houses the Old State Bank Museum. The museum contains local antiques and memorabilia, local history resources, and family genealogies.

Photographs by David E. Illig

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