Perryopolis.com is greatly indebted to Jerry Dzara, who made these copies available. Jerry writes:

“The Youghagany Bank was founded in 1816 and failed in 1822. At the beginning Isaac Sparks was president and J. Barrett was cashier. Later that year (1816) Barrett was replaced by David Allen. One-dollar, two-dollar, and five-dollar notes are known. The one-dollar notes were printed by John Bouvier, a Brownsville printer. The two and five-dollar notes were printed by Murray Draper Fairman of Philadelphia. This was a private bank, not chartered by the state of Pennsylvania.”

Webmaster’s note: Our English-speaking forefathers, both in England and in the New World, would probably find it amusing that we generally have but one spelling for our words today. At the time these notes were printed there were a several accepted spellings for the name that we now (oddly, I think) write as “Youghiogheny.”


Of the two notes below, Jerry writes “The First National of Perryopolis was chartered in July 1902. M.M. Cochran was president and Howard Adams was cashier. The Cochran family also owned the 1st National Bank of Dawson, and Linden Hall, or St. James as it used to be called. The 1st National was bought by the Second National Bank of Uniontown around 1950. The second National changed its name to Gallatin National In the early Fifties. The 1st National issued Ten dollar and Twenty dollar notes only. Even though the National Banking Act, which permitted local banks to issue currency, was scrapped in 1935 and the notes were recalled, they are still legal tender.”

Webmaster’s Note: Since these notes remain legal tender, in accordance with federal law we have not reproduced them at actual size, we are displaying one side only, and we are displaying them only in low-resolution format.

Webmaster’s endnote: A good-quality photograph of the 1st National Bank building in Perryopolis is high on my most-wanted list. Sadly, a weed-filled parking lot now occupies the space where this magnificent Victorian building once stood. If you or someone that you know has such a photograph, please e-mail me. It is only through the kindness of Mr. Dzara and many others that Perryopolis.com is able to bring Perryopolis history to life. Please think of what you might have in your collection that you could share with others through Perryopolis.com.
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania
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