14" W/ X 31" H.
Two Tavern Clocks. Left: Quilted Maple. Right: Crotch Mahogany. Each is decorated with satinwood and ebony crossbanding.
10" W. X 41" H.
Mermaid-motif Bride’s Banjo Clock

Curly-maple Kidney-dial Clock

10" W. X 40" H.
David Wood Massachusetts Shelf Clock
I made this Cross-banded Banjo Clock for a
New York State Supreme Court Justice.
It bears an adaptation of the Seal of the
State of New York.
Three Banjo Clocks. Left and right: Bride’s Banjos with floral side arms — called “Bride’s” because the sides (mostly not visible in these photographs) are white. The Bride’s clock on the left is a reproduction of an original by Aaron Willard. The decoration depicts Atlas carrying the globe. There are only two originals of this clock, and I know of no reproductions other than my own. Center: A Presentation Banjo — so called because of the extensive use of gold leaf — with Aurora, (Bringer of the Dawn) motif reverse-painted on the door glass. This clock appeared in Colonial Homes magazine in 1996. Right: This clock shows a popular depiction of the War-of-1812 naval battle between the USS Constitution (better known as “Old Ironsides”) and HMS Guerriere, which ended in the capture and sinking of the Guerriere. The USS Constitution has been preserved, and is still a commissioned ship in the United States Navy; it is the world’s oldest commissioned warship afloat. Read more about this famous battle here.
17" W. X 34" H.
Double-Decker Connecticut Shelf Clock with George Washington

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