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Mills, Frank Memorial Member Mr. Mills, the oldest participant in, passed away on March 20, 2001, at age 109. Read about Mr. Mills here.


Rumancik, Steve Memorial Member Steve Rumancik, a resident of Center Line, Michigan, passed away on November 15, 2006. Mr. Rumancik’s life was full and productive throughout his 89 years.


Easter, Ernest Memorial Member Mr. Ermest Easter, a Star Junction native, passed away on January 23, 2005, at the age of 83. Mr. Easter had been married to Ruth Pandolph of Perryopolis for 63 years at the time of his passing. Together they lived life to the fullest.


Bubnash, Helen (Wasmuth)  
Johnson, Arthur Wade “Whitey”   Mr. Johnson passed away in 1995. He was a resident of Star Junction, and lived on Old ’51 near the ball field.


Sassi, Dante P. Levitttown, Pa.


Barnes, Harry K. Camp Hill, Pa.
Kimak, Helen M. (Barnes) Camp Hill, Pa.
Matto, Elmer K. Borough of Whitehall, Pittsburgh
Miller, Lulu (Matto) Memorial Member Lulu Miller Matto passed away on July 1, 2007. Mrs. Matto was the wife of Elmer Matto.


Tomajko, Robert F. Twinsburg, Ohio


Novak, Dolores “Honey” (Ridgway)


DiVirgilio, Dante Vernon Hills, Ill.
Kershey, Roland “Garb” North Olmstead, Ohio


Benke, Joseph Cortland, Ohio
Katrinak, George B. Burlington, N.C.
Knight, Harold (Frankie) Mulberry, Fla.
Kushnar, Edward Thomasville, Ga.
Rosick, John Charleroi, Pa.

1950’s Top of Page

Bright, Judy (Ashby) 1955-1958; moved to Cleveland in 1958, now in Warrenton, Va.
Wilkes, Dennis Through 9th Grade; moved to Uniontown, now in Lancaster Co.


Bartko, Bernadine (Arendash) Sheffield Village, Ohio
Echard, Ruth Ann (Taylor) Milford, Mich.
Katrinak, Mary Catherine (Dukovcic) Reynoldsburg, Ohio
Matras, Walter North Olmstead, Ohio
Nassar, Gabriel E. Orwigsburg, Pa.
Veloshin, Helen M. (Stulock) Farmington, Mich.


Onusko Dorothy (Mountjoy Columbia, Missouri


The 50th Reunion was held on May 25, 2002. Photograph here!
Bartko, James Lawton, Ok.
Farkus, Bernie Hello from Douglasville, Ga.
Frycke, Arline (Wiest) Erie, Pa. Three years at Perry, Graduated from Academy H.S., Erie
Kershey, Robert “Herk” Middleburg Hts., Ohio
King, Shirley (Boone)  
Rolison, Glenna (Nassar) Dover, Del.
Rolison, Hallie (Robertson) Dearborn, Mich.


Illig, George E. email the webmaster George Illig, your webmaster’s brother, passed away at his home in Des Moines, Iowa, on October 17, 2012.
McKeever, Frank We deeply regret that Frank McKeever passed away on April 15, 2016. The listed e-mail address will allow you to contact family.


The 50th Reunion was held on September 30, 2004. Photograph here!
Shoaf, John Leesburg, Fla.


50th Reunion Information Here
DiVirgilio, Joanne (Torruiso) Perry-Lower Tyrone High School
Thompson, Barrie Plant City, Fla.


Katrinak, Stephen A. Tampa, Fl.
Matras, Benny Parma, Ohio
Marcic, Melvin S.  
Moore, Rennie (Thompson) Plant City, Fla.
Schwenk, Betty Lou (Fondriest) Novelty, Ohio -- Wants to Organize a reunion!
Sisley, Gretchen (Kershey) North Olmstead, Ohio


Reunion Photograph Here!
Enos, Ronald Jacksonville, Florida
Knight, Richard W. “Spike” Dawson; Looking for Information on Bob Bliss
Kovatch, Virginia (Leichliter) Clarksville, Pa.
Logoyda, Pete Dade City, Fla.
Ritenour, Jim Perryopolis


45th Reunion Information Here
Blair, Yvonne “Bonnie” Lou (Cossel-Morgan) 130 Virgin Run Road, Vanderbilt PA 15486; Work:Monessen Public Library & District Center
Carnes, Ruth (Stangroom)
Gray, Patricia (Stimmell) Camp Hill, Pa.
Greene, Eugene R.
Olinzock, David Star Junction


The 45th Reunion was held on September 18, 2004. Photograph here!
Angelo, Jeannette (Purcell) Charleroi, Pa.
Butler, William T. Geneva, Ohio -- Would like to hear from other class members.
Casey, Marion (Byers) Corona, Calif.
Davis, Rhoda (Yanecko) Dawson
Farkus, Barbara (Cogley) Florida
Filak, Jack Perryopolis
Forse, Dianne K. (Wright) Ft. Myers, Fla.
Marcic, Richard Looking forward to hearing from old friends!
Martinak, John (Marty) Perryopolis
Sanner, Ron Moved back to Star Junction area in early 2011.
Stanchak, John Malvern, Pa.

1960 Top of Page

Cope, James Victor, NY
Edwards, Dorothy
Lepley, Barry C. Parkville, MD


44th Reunion held September 2, 2005. Photograph Here!
Angelo, Richard L
Bell, Gary L. Senior Engineer, Parsons, Inc. Aiken S.C.
Campbell, Regis E., Jr. Topeka, Kansas
Keffer, Bill “Henry” Dawson
Kotlar, Barbara J.
Means, Richard A. Scottdale
Petrosky, Charles (Bud)
Pollock, Edward J. Walton Hills, Ohio
Trevisanutto, Robert Brookpark, Ohio
Vargo, Bill


Cope, Patty (Shimp)
Evans, Eleanor (Cope) Victor, NY
Farkus, Carol (Vargo)
Farrow, Paul H.  
Gaskill, Joan (Vogel)  
Gray, Iris (Breeden) Massillon, Ohio
Illig, David E. Click Here to E-mail
Karpel, Larry Kingsland, Ga.
Lepley, Cindy Lou (Toth) It is with deep regret that we report that Cindy Lepley Toth died on July 15, 2004.
Martinak, Dan Marco Island, Fla.
Sheppard, Pamela (Simpson) Perryopolis
Shoaf, Malinda (Wagner) Belle Vernon
Sisley, Patricia (Rolison) Deming, New Mexico
Smith, Robert E. Reno, Nevada
Tonozzi, Ronald Winston-Salem, North Carolina
Warren, Pamela (Petrosky)
Williams, Paul Uniontown
Yorkison, Karen (Pindro) Perryopolis


Reunion Information Here.
Allison, Paul Robert Edgewater, Md.
Caporella, Patricia (Filak) Perryopolis
Forse, Sherrill L. (Grunsky) Belle Vernon
Homer, Larry Vanderbilt
Komacko, Albert Cortland, Ohio
Linderman, Alana (Carnahan) We are sorry to report that Alana Linderman Carnahan died at her home in Jupiter, Florida, on January 1, 2015.
Lynch, Barry
Matsko, Margaret (Farrow) We note with regret that Margaret “Peggy” Matsko Farrow passed away on October 20, 2013.
Rabatin, Antoinette
Russo, Mary (Petrocci) Waldorf, Md.
Albright, Donna (Short)  


Adams, Ron
Augustine, Shirley (Billy) Acworth, Ga.
Austin, Robert Belle Vernon
Moskal, Frances (McCrobie) Rainbow City, Alabama
Reoli, Joe
Wadsworth, Lee We are deeply sorry to report that Lee Wadsworth died on December 10, 2006.
Williams, Ed DuBois, Pa.


40th Reunion held September 2, 2005. Photograph Here!
Duff, James Cortland, Ohio
Hawker, Ruth (Shields) Perryopolis
Kifer, John  
Komacko, Anne Marie (Shawley) Belle Vernon
Pirilla, Kathleen (Kifer)  
Richards, Jim Atlanta, Ga.
Statzula, Frances (Bertram) Perryopolis
Toth, Peter Corona, Calif.


Angelo, Mary L. (Matsko)  
Austin, Nathan  
Davis, Catherine (Lippencott) Oxon Hill, Md.
Fest, Marilynn (Davis) Purcellville, VA Davis Real Estate:
Gibson, Linda (Velicevich) Uniontown
Hutchinson, Nancy (Lynch)
Lombard, Ron
McKeever, Linda (Olsen)
Pagesh, Teresa (Galbraith) Bradenton, Florida
Pandolph, Janet
Reoli, Cheryll (Field) Hollywood, Fla.
Stanchak, Patricia (Duff) Cortland, Ohio
Timcheck, Bill
Willson, Sarajane “Sally” North Royalton, Ohio


Arison, Roger W.  
Baker, Gene Creekside, Pa.
Burkholder, Richard West Elizabeth, Pa.
Davis, Adam Purcellville, VA Davis Real Estate:
Kotlar, George Perryopolis
Lowery, Nancy (Griger) Bear Rocks; Acme, Pa. Interested in helping to organize a reunion for the class of 67.
Lynch, Charles Star Junction
Malek, Sharon (Roberts) Orlando, Fla. Interested in Class Reunion
Rabatin, Ronald Pittsburgh, Pa.
Taylor, Linda (Duff) Alexandria, Va.
Timko, John Belle Vernon
Vogel, Frederick W.



Adams-Wadsworth, Cindy Perryopolis
Allison, June (Lucas) Mineral, Va.
Bedner, John E. Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Bezilla, Sylvia (Lynch) Star Junction
Bonucci, Annette (Bedner) Gulf Breeze, Fla.
Clem, Richard Westerville, Ohio See Richard’s art at:
Curcio, Cathy (Gesualdi) Rhode Island
Fisher, Gladys (Thompson) Star Junction Wishes to buy a 1991 Frazier Yearbook!
Gardner, Jacqueline (Arison)  
Gardner, Karen (Roberts/Ozelski) Karen passed away on April 17, 2009.
Gray, Teri (O’Conner) Myrtle Beach, S.C.
Hice, Ray (Froggy) Connellsville. Alive and well, and out of radio! Go Commodores!
Howser, Maxine (Sullivan) Vanderbilt
Johnson, Charles Perryopolis
Ruffo, Caroline Moved to Alabama, 7th Grade; Clairton, Pa.
Saxon, Sheila A. (Hoffman)
Pirilla, Pam (Seydor) Belle Vernon, Pa.


Bedner, Deb (Kupecz) Denver, Colo.
Beeman-Homer, Diane “Stormy” Vanderbilt
Gardner, James A. West Mifflin, Pa.
Griglak, Jeffrey New York, NY
Hall, Ivan D. Dawson, Pa.
Hatalowich, Amel Langford  
Hayes, Thomas Dawson, Pa.
Miller, Fran (Kassar) Virginia Beach, Va.
Moskal, Lucille (Jenkins) St. Peters, Mo.
Trapaso, Mary Jane (Wilson) Valinda, California
Zueger, Martin D. Grindstone

1970’s Top of Page

Bryner, Cindy Lou (Saxon) Norfolk, Va.; attended Frazier HS until 1973.


Baker, Doris Naser-Hayes Dawson, Pa.
Bedner, Linda (Romeo) Charlottesville, Va.
Boltze, LuAnn “Cookie” Dawson
Clem, Peggy (Gray) Largo, Fla.
Hudock, Joanne (Johnston) Lagrangeville, N.Y.
Johnston, Barry Lagrangeville, N.Y.
Kayla, Julius  
King, William Brunswick, Maine
Moskal, Gloria (Brounce) West Alexander, Pa. Attended through ’69, graduated fm West Newton H.S.
Onusko, Scott  
Orelli, Ricardo (Rick) Aurora, Ohio
Sheppard, Samuel R. Alexandria, Louisiana
Valosen, Susan (Serena) McKeesport, Pa.


Avery, Bettie (Clark) Connellsville, Pa.
Dale, Jeanie (Guido) Chicago
Davis, Edwin Scottdale, Pa.
Dzara, George B. Newville, Pa.
Dzara, Patricia (Riggs) Celina, Ohio
Eberts, Bill Bethel Park, Pa.
Gearing, Eugene Perryopolis
Johnson, Robert D. Star Junction
Krukowsky, Darlene (Gearing) Perryopolis
Newmeyer, Pam  
Schofield, Hazel J. North Braddock, Pa.
Slebodnik, Patricia (D’Isidoro) Smock, Pa.
Sproat, Joanne Plano, Texas
Willson, William “Bill” Plano, Texas


Blacka, Debbie (Galla) Star Junction
Linderman, Sue (Craig) West Palm Beach, Fla.
Forsythe, Susan (Clem) Gahanna, OH Web Site
Guest, Brad Dawson
Guth, Cynthia (Carnegie) Lake Placid, Fla.
Masney, Frank, Jr. Perryopolis
Saxon, Thomas A. Norfolk, Va.
Travalena, Richard J. Perryopolis


Blacka, Cheryl (Nicholls)
Boniella, Carolyn (Diedrich) Fayette City
Breckenridge, Stacey L. (Smith) Perryopolis
Brewer, Donald R., Jr. Perryopolis
Cimini, Connie (Cox) Henderson, Nevada
Evans, Alan Todd Woodbridge, Va.
Falbo, Shirley (Sheridan) Uniontown, Pa.
Filchock, Tina K. (Worrell)  
Kmetz, Joy Lynn (Sabolek)
Kordich, Donald C. San Diego, Calif.
Linderman, Carey M.  
Miller, Douglas E.   Douglas Miller died at his home in Mt. Pleasant on September 10, 2009. He was survived by his wife, Patricia Fay.
Moore, Marie (Avery) Cleveland, Ohio
Musar, Lisa (Guest) Dawson
Nicholls, Wayne
Regan, Ilene (Larence) Annandale, Va.
Ritter, Ellen (Rice) LaBelle, Pa.
Skufca, Denise (Flower)  


Gardner, Margaret (Laughery)
Jarouse, Mark Looking forward to hearing from friends.
Kolencik, Frank
Lewis, Kathy (Burkholder) Perryopolis
Phillips, Jeff


Cimina, Rick Upper St. Claire, Pa.
Dreon, Patty (Sphar) Grindstone, Pa.
Freeman, Jackie (Russ)  
Hroblak, Christopher White Oak, Pa.
Keffer, Penny (Siple)
Mattie, Debbie (Domingo) Milan, Indiana
McKeever, Kathy Caldwell, Idaho
Van Fleet, Kevin Greensburg, Pa.
Verba, Steve “Kirby”
Winn, Marcia (Hayes)
Woester, Cynthia (Smyth) Cramberry TWP, Pa.


Baluch, Anthony Halifax, Pa.
Bronson, LeAnne Baltimore, Md.
Burkholder, Steve Perryopolis
Chorba, Mark Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, Va.
Davis, Mark Finleyville, Pa.
Davis, Lou Ann (Antonelli) Lakeland,Fla.
Ellar, Claudia (Merryweather) Ebensburg, Pa.
Farkus, Cindy M. Severn, Maryland
Fisher, Janet (Rogers) Knoxville, Tenn.
Franklin, Kathy (Baluch) Halifax, Pa.
Gallo, Jean Ann (Berklovich) Jean's Country Florals, in the Log House, 200 E. Independence St.
Gilmore, Diane (Oberlietner) Perryopolis
Giovanelli, Kim (Matsko) BOBMATSKO@AOL.COM Hebron, Kentucky
Green, Lori (Peart) Belle Vernon
Hazelbaker, Teri (Neiderhiser) Or:; Huntsville, Texas
Lama, Kim (Rusnock) Greensburg, Pa.
Lonce, Daniel Historic Perryopolis
Phillips, Linda M. St. Petersburg, Fla.
Rusnock, Larry Greensburg, Pa.
Staley, Al Belle Vernon, Pa.


Alison, Jeff Or:
Baluch, Jeff Perryopolis
Billisits, Valerie (Rothert) Pittsburgh
Boniella, Anthony W. Las Vegas, Nevada
Ciliberti, Rich Columbia, Md.
Cimini, Carl Pittsburgh, Pa.
Dzara, Louis
Gabor, Cynthia Ann (Busick) Or: Lusby, Md.
Kolencik, Mary Jessup, Md.
Kosport, Gary  
Lamanna, Mark A. Bridgeville, Pa.
Muccioli, Lou Perryopolis
Pleva, Beverly (Kohlhoff) Montgomery Village, Md.
Provance, Cheryl (Toman)
Rehe, John William (Willie)
Stephens, Vicki Dawn (Bringe) Woodstock, Md.
Stillwagon, Vicki (Baluch) Perryopolis
Toman, Kevin


Dutchko, Debbie (Mahalko)
Hayes, Doris Dawson
Hazelbaker, Jeff Okinawa, Japan
Rusnock, Cindy (Peta)
Urhin, John Carroll, Oh.
Wilkie, Donna (Verba) Perryopolis


The 25th Reunion was held in August, 2004. Photograph here!
Acklin, Ronald A. Lower Burrell, Pa.
Angelo, Vicky (Phillips)
Avery, Dianna (Lowe)
Cernuska, Christine (Dunlevy) Baton Rouge, La.
Ciliberti, Anita (Giles)  
Erler, Melanie (Scinto) Tucson, Ariz.
Fedutes, Hyd Simi Valley, California
Foor, Mark  
Getty, Cheryl (Passios) Bethel Park, Pa.
Harvey, Mary-Jane (Lynn) East Swanzey, New Hampshire
Lima, Dr. Armênio Matias C. Rotary Club Exchange Student from Brazil, now a physician in Florianópolis, Brazil
Provance, Guy Wabash, Indiana
Rafter, Regina (Gardner)  
Shimko, Kevin T. Houston, Pa.
Stickle, Allen Perryopolis
Wozniak, Jeff Allison Park, Pa.
Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

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