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An At “and that:” pointless ending added to many sentences.
Arn or Airn A roughly triangular metal object that, when heated, is used to take wrinkles out of clothing.
Boosh A green leafy plant resembling a small tree; name of two Presidents.
Buggy Shopping Cart. “Throw some paper taals in the buggy.”
Chimbley The thing that smoke goes up and Santa comes down.
Clothes Press What other people call a closet.
Cor-deen Musical instrument on which Polkas are often played.
Crick A small stream.
Dahn Tahn Downtown “Younz goin’ dahn tahn to watch the Stillers an at?”
Davenport Large piece of furniture found in the living room.
Field What something is if it's not empty. “I field my glass up.”
Flars Colorful, pretty, sweet smelling things that grow in flar beds.
Gulf A game invented in Scotland.
Gum Band A stretchy thing used to hold stuff together, known in the rest of the country as a rubber band.
Henna? Isn’t it so? (Star Junction; from “Hain’t it?,” which in turn comes from “Ain’t it?”)
Icebox What people over 30 call a fridge.
Innair In there.
Jaggers Thorns. Stush went out huntin’ and came home all full o’ jaggers.
Jeet? Have you eaten?
Jever? Did you ever?
Jew? Did you? (The reply to “Jeet?”)
Kellers Crayola makes them in many different shades.
Mi-izer-taird What happens to your eyes when you read too long.
Nebby Overly inquisitive.
Neb-Nose One who is nebby.
Onnacowna Because of. “The game was called onnacowna rain.”
Picksburg City 30 miles north of Perryopolis.
Pie-anna or Pi-anner A large stringed musical instrument with 88 black and white keys.
Poke An object made from paper or cloth and used for carrying things.
Poosh The words usually written on the OUT door. Also, “Officer, that mugger pooshed me in tha booshes!”
Pullet Surprise An award given to writers, photographers, and perhaps chicken farmers.
Redd up To clean house.
Run ya over or
Ride ya over
To drive someone somewhere.
Saerdy or Sadderday Day after Friday.
Sammich Two pieces of bread with something in between.
Shaer A bath taken standing up under a sprinkler.
Spa-shel An unusual event or occasion. “Ain’t that spa-shel?”
Steel Continued. “Are you steel watchin that T.V.?”
Stillers NFL team in Picksburg.
Taal Cloth used to dry oneself after a shaer.
Taired Fatigued.
Tagger Large, striped carnivorous feline found in India and Southeast Asia and also in zoos.
Tenners Tennis shoes.
Upair Up there.
Warsh or Woosh To clean something with soap and water.
Wrench To pour water over something, usually to remove soap.
Wretch To extend the arm to retrieve an item: “Wretch me that there tar arn, Rachel, sozi can change this here flat.”
Younz You. Sometimes “Yinz” or “Yunz.” (South: Y’All.)
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