Pioneer Days 2003 and 2004 photos are still available.
Kevin Toman has again been very generous in sharing his superb photos of Pioneer Days; see Kevin’s photos here.

Then and Now
Left: George Washington’s Grist Mill as it appeared in the late 19th or early 20th century.
The idea of historic preservation was slow to arrive in Perryopolis, and the Mill was allowed
collapse in the 20th century. At right: the restored Mill at it appears today.

Top: Ruth Ann Zubricky (L) and Amy L. Barber (R) at the Quilt Show in Washington’s Mill.
These ladies asked your webmaster to pick his favorite of the many beautiful quilts on display.
I chose three favorites: the “Stained Glass” quilt at top right because I could imagine being
cheered by its colors on a cold and gray winter morning; the “French Vase” design,
above left, for its classical elegance; and the “Alphabet” for its beauty and intricacy.
Talk about getting it right! Amy Barber had made the “Stained Glass” quilt and
Ruth Ann Zubricky had made the “French Vase” and “Alphabet” quilts!
Ed and Jeannine Churby bake the best bread you ever ate in the
19th-Century Bakery adjacent to the Grist Mill

Also adjacent to the Grist Mill, Bob Taylor of Star Junction
spins the softest and most beautiful wool yarn that
you have ever seen. Bob also builds his own spinning wheels.

Another view of George Washington’s Grist Mill
Kevin Toman’s photos from Pioneer Days 2005 are next...

Perryopolis, Pennsylvania

Serving in Uniform
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